Ryse: son of Rome review (xbox one)


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The fate of an empire hanging in the balance. Can the actions of one man change the course of a war! It’s time to Ryse: son of Rome.

So I have played through this game 3 times so I could give you all my review from a few different angles. First off its hard not to say that visually this game is the most amazing I’ve seen (my personal opinion of course). From the reflections of light off the armour to the splatter of blood hitting the inside of your t.v screen from a well timed execution. So the first thing that gripped me was the fact that so much was going on at once, it wasn’t just me v’s an A.I opponent on the screen, there was full on carnage happening all around me giving a real feeling that you was at war. So the game throws you into battle with a few basic controls to get you going. Basic controls are exactly what this game is, there’s no semi circle analog movement combined with button presses. It’s straight forward and easy to grasp. 1 button to strike, 1 to deflect, 1 to evade and 1 to push away. All leading to an elaborate execution. Sound simple? It really is. However do no let this fool you into thinking the combat is bad. There are lots of other combat elements to make this trickier, such as multiple enemies, archers and enemies with shields. All requiring an adjustment in style which in turn keeps the combat fresh. So that’s combat and visuals covered lets talk gameplay, it’s basically hack and slash with a bit of flare, well timed button presses result in a chance at executing enemies in an elaborate style. Very stylish and well presented in a variety of styles, from throat slashes to severing limbs. The gore factor of this game is great, due to the looks of the game everything seems even more brutal which for me was great. The one thing I found though was I never truly felt in full control as my character always felt like he did more on screen than I had asked via the controller! (Playing will make this clearer). So onto the story. Without giving much away it’s about one mans (you) journey from standard roman soldier to greater things during a battle between barbarians and Romans. Like I say I don’t want to give too much away but this story dragged me through an emotional roller coaster. Heightened by the fact it looked so good I found myself taken in by it all. The one major flaw this story had was that it was too short. Maybe that’s down to me enjoying it so much but yeah I wanted more. About 4-6hrs gameplay I think and that was being generous. So that’s pretty much the main game summed up.

Ok so the multiplayer, it’s played as either a single player or co-op mode in an arena. Hordes of enemies and last as long as you can, upto 10 rounds I think. Gaining xp and buying more armour as you go. It’s good, not great but if you and a buddy have the game it can get quite fun to play.


Great looking game. Simple and easy to use controls, hack and slash with added extras. So if you got some spare time grab this game and give it a go. You won’t be disappointed, apart from wanting more.

Visuals: 10
Gameplay: 7
Story: 7
Length: 5

My Overall score: 7.5

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Just me! (Phil)

Just me! (Phil)

Ok so just a little about me, I’m phil I’m 35 at the time of writing this and I’m massively into gaming, so I thought why not start to write reviews, and where better to start than with my xbox one. So as of now I will be writing a review or attempting to write one ( as I’m new to this) so hope you enjoy and most of all get some use out of them 🙂